Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gratuitous Blog Post

Because it's been two months since the last one!
Such is life. For those who may be interested, and too bad for those who are not (and if not, why are you reading this anyway???hehe)

  • Yes I am still riding
  • no I am not training
  • which means no, I am not racing
  • but yes, I am once again MelbRoobaixing this year (woohootsville!!!)
  • yoga is good for the soul as well as the body
  • as is meditation
  • study is drag when the course material is poorly written and the assignment questions have little pedagogical value
  • but I then have fun answering the questions literally, and then providing the real answer to the question as I have rewritten it. (I wonder where my son gets it from??)
  • my dog is getting old, which means when we go for walks, we walk like an old dog
  • I can't deadlift as much as I could in January, but I don't really care too much (unless I think about it in these terms)
  • Facebook is same old same old. Maybe I am reading too many Buddhist texts instead
  • I am tweeting more than I am blogging. Pithiness has its place. Meet me there.
  • I finally found a comfrey and aloe vera plant, so my life is complete
And now for some cycling politics:

Max Stevens has garnered some more comment below. Check it out. This guy seems to be a right piece of work, and is STILL writing media releases for Cycling SA. Go figure. The Boys' Club prevails.

And more on the Boys' Club: Cycling Victoria (apparently there is no sport in Cycling and that part of the name has been dropped. This also serves to make it look like Cycling Vic is THE lobby group for cycling in the state. Or, hopefully, so the Minister for Sport will believe). The State By-laws are under review and have been rewritten. Check here for your reading pleasure. I am yet to read them, and compare them to the existing by-laws for comparison. I plan to in the very near future (ie the weekend) and then I fully intend to take up my membership right and make comment in writing via email to the GM Kipp Kaufman. I strongly recommend that you do too, if you race bikes in Victoria. Be political, get involved and have a say while the opportunity presents itself. Otherwise your voice will be more readily ignored, and you will be labelled a noisy rabbleous type like me when you speak outside of designated opportunities, such as this one. So do it.