Monday, 21 February 2011

Max Stevens - please explain

Max Stevens is looking like a bit of an embarassment for Cycling SA. Poor man has been in the news a bit of late, with his latest efforts at being unintelligent consisting of driving the Cycling SA van whilst disqualified for, of all things, drink driving, as well as loss of demerit points (lost before the drink driving charge apparently). A little bit hypocritical in light of his statement re: Dale Parker's drink driving charges. Pot, kettle, black anyone? Obviously Stevens thinks that identifying cyclists on the road will provide greater protection from drink drivers, such as himself.

Perhaps Stevens is a bit under the pump at the moment with domestic issues?

That might explain these comments he made recently about women's cycling in SA?

It would appear Max Stevens has helpful friends in convenient places so it's unfortunate for him, they were not able to assist with his lack of demerit points.

Or is it simply a case, as Stevens claims, of being harassed and persecuted by Adelaide news media?


Whistleblower said...

Max Stevens gets another adjournment from the courts - favouritism? He'll be back on 12 May, five months after his drunk driving offence. When will Cycling SA and Cycling Australia take note?

Anonymous said...

So Max Stevens resigns and leaves Cycling SA with the full blessing of the Board. Are the public expected to believe his resignation had nothing to do with the six page letter with 38 pages of supporting documentation sent to Mr P McQuaid, President, Union Cycliste International on 28 March had nothing to do with his departure? Which bit about bringing the sport of cycling into disrepute don't Max Stevens and the Board of Cycling SA get?

whistleblower said...

Despite Max Stevens' claim that he resigned from Cycling SA because of negative publicity following his arrest for his drink driving while already disqualified and six subsequent charges of driving while disqualified, he has been employed by Cycling Australia as a consultant for Events. The clowns are running the circus!

Whistleblower said...

After leaving Cycling SA in disgrace on 31st May, Max Stevens started up a Twitter account "MaxStevenssacycling" on 2nd July. He just doesn't seem to get it. Max, your time is up! With two court cases involving six charges on driving unlicensed and drunk driving coming up soon you should be concentrating on retaining some dignity not pretending you are still part of Cycling SA.