Monday, 21 February 2011

How to get funding....

Equestrian Australia's High Performance Plans were released today. What's this got to do with bikes? After reading the first few lines, I was struck by the similarity to the structure and pathways surrounding Australia's new pro team GreenEdge Cycling. (Cyclingtips is as good as any to read about GreenEdge). If one cares to take a look at the pathways structure around GreenEdge, it's incredibly similar to that prescribed by EA, needed to meet government funding requirements.

When I saw GreenEdge's pathway, with all it's links to NTID programs, State Institutes of Sport etc, I smelt ASC money. Now that smell is stronger, with EA's version of how they will spend their government money. There is nothing wrong with that, but let's call a spade a spade. Just because Shane Bannan said the team wouldn't be using government money, doesn't mean it isn't a viable prospect because of government money. I'd bet on my hunches with this one anyday. At least EA is up front and transparent about their bucket of money and how they plan to justify spending it.

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