Monday, 27 December 2010

Logged on

I have in front of me a laptop, smart phone (it can connect to the internet..that's normal these days, not smart) and an iPad. Overkill??

I am experimenting with the iPad ie this post is being written using it. I can't upload images or video to my blogs though, so I need my laptop to do that. And I am smsing a friend using my phone, bitching about how limited the iPad is for some things (mainly adobe products),yet awesome for others.

Seasons greetings everyone!!


Groover said...

Hope you had a great Christmas. Is the iPad something that Santa left for you under the tree? :-)

iPad does not have USB port + does not have WKO = cannot download Garmin data.

All the other things I would need it to do (download photos from my camera, upload photos to me blog etc) it doesn't do or it's fiddly to do ... for me the iPad is a toy, probably a fun one to have though!

Lawrence said...

Thanks Groover. I hope your christmas was excellent!

Yep, the iPad has some short-comings. I'd like to be able to fold in 4 (pocket sized)and then use it to take photos!

Lack of usb ports is a nuisance, as well as transmitting photos etc around the place, supporting applications like flash, uploads to blogs etc.

For me it will be good as an electronic notepad on the go, as my handwriting is atrocious (too much computer work!). It will be especially good for note-taking after massaging horses etc.

Santa left it for me under the tree, so I am not complaining at all :-D

Leon and Sue Sims said...

I was thinking of one to blog/travel with - maybe not!

Lawrence said...

Leon, I've learnt how to wrangle the iPad a little better now, and have found straight blogging to be ok. I'm yet to load photos from my iPad to the blog (and I am yet to fully check out putting photos on the iPad!). It should be do-able, so maybe it might be useful while you are travelling???

The biggest bugbear is lack of adobe flash to play some videos. A few video sites I subscribe to (no, not that kind!! horse training sites!!) are flash-based and don't work on iPad, without some "hacking" (yet to be done).