Wednesday, 24 November 2010

When a yam just won't do....

And in other news, paleo track cyclist discovers the consequence of inadequate starchy carb intake.

I’ve never really had an issue with grappling to the keep the weight scales on the upside of a particular number, but at the moment I am. Even eating a heap of dark chocolate isn’t working that well. So after  two weeks of feeling like crap, being down, depressed, cranky, unmotivated, and with complete mojo loss while training, I decided to do something radical, and have a bowl of riceflake and buckwheat porridge for breakfast. What a difference timely starchy carb makes. I am sorry strict paleo Ironperson Lady, but sometimes sweet potato/yams just don’t crack it for me. 

After 9  months, I am still finetuning this paleo business, but overall, I currently feel the best physically I have felt in a very long time. It does make me wonder though, how much is also due to a radically reduced, incredibly specific training load, as well as diet. It's about whole body, whole life.

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Groover said...

Even eating a heap of dark chocolate isn’t working that well

Nice problem to have, missy. :-)