Friday, 5 November 2010

Two rides, one arse.

It's hard work being a track princess AND a dressage princess. But that's the way I like it.

This week I was voted off Schoolboy BikeIsland, and it is with much glee that I am enjoying the thought of less stress in my life; no more worrying about who said what to whom and why someone else got upset about it. Or something like that ;-) Frankly I also feel like ditching the whole bag of CSV/bike responsibilities I have, but I'll recover and get back into it.

The Hon.Schoolmaster Mr Moonie has settled in well, smooching and caroosing and increasing membership to his fanclub on a daily basis. He'd kiss babies if it would help. Dressage Queen Mazarella is not impressed, and now I find I am in high demand from two horses both wanting attention NOW!!!! Thank god they are not in the same paddock, or I'd be in traction in hospital, being squished in a horsecake love sandwich.

So I am juggling my time between the bike and the horses. It's been challenging, particularly with the recent heavy rains and a body that really didn't want any more of that hurtie stuff on the bike please. I decided that the best laid plans do not go astray when they are documented, so today I've written myself out a weekly schedule of which beast gets my arse on it, when. Now I am officially un-enduro, scheduling in ponyrides is a lot easier. Anything more than 2 hours at a time on the bike is really just not do-able, and no longer in my body's vocabulary.

And in other news, it looks like the 2011 World Masters Track Champs will be in Manchester, birth place of both my grandmothers. That's my goal for next year, so getting up for my first pre-dawn training session this morning, a first for many many months, was not as hard as it has been in the last week (so hard it didn't happen). One goal, one race (done three times, in three locations) and 3 PBs. Ka-ching!

My first pony ride in >3yrs. His first ride being a dressage pony in about 5 yrs!
I just realised: I am literally double his age!


Leanne said...

so cool being able to ride. I had a horse once, actually a pony with way too much attitude. Enjoy

Lawrence said...

Thanks Leanne! It's my first passion, and I am happy to be doing it again (can you tell?? ;-p).

I like them with a little bit of attitude, but not too much :-D