Friday, 1 October 2010

The verdict....

So, it’s official. There is “nothing” wrong* with me….

I don’t have cancer, crohns, colitis and am not celiac. My breath tests came back negative, but because I had post test symptoms (which is not meant to happen, go figure) then the tests are probably “false”. My change in diet is working in terms of improving my gastric health (which by the way, is very healthy according to the GI. Ha! Well, I guess he did actually LOOK at it), so the verdict is: keep doing what you are doing.

So what does this mean for me? It means I now keep monitoring my post training recovery, have bloods done twice yearly to check my status to stay on top of any deficiencies that crop up, and maintain a gluten free, lactose free, low grain diet to manage gut health.

It’s been a challenging 6 months but it’s been “revolutionary” in that I have had time to think about this thing called cycling, and what it means to me, particularly when it sits alongside another deeper passion called dressage, which has had an opportunity to bloom after a very long dormancy.

I’ve done a stack of research on gut health, and how a thing called leaky gut can do all sorts of weirdarse things to the body, from achy joints and muscle fatigue, to cancer. I’ve been lucky enough to find a blog by a cycling coach that supports some ideas I have around track sprint/short course training. I am about to take some ideas that I worked on last year with one of my very good mentors, and extend them further. My preparation for the coming season has been nil, so it’s a great opportunity to put into practice those ideas, combining time efficient training with what would be considered a radical diet for athletic endeavour.

And alongside training for one event only this season ie Nationals 500m, I am getting back onto my Stubben, with the help of a horse whom is very dear to me. It’s kind of ironic that the horse I trained and competed on for many years, so that he now carries the honourable title of Schoolmaster, is about to become my schoolmaster. I am borrowing Moon from his current owner, to get my dressage muscles back into a state where I can get on my mare and stay put when she leaps about expressively in her early stages of training. So after spending years training my lovely little stockhorse, he gets to return the “favour” and train me!

And, in other news… I scored an autograph from the current World Champion, who obliged my request to sign his magazine cover photo last night at the World Road Champs Gala Dinner. Shweeeeeeeeeeeeet! I got to tell ya, he is SHORT!!!! LOL

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