Monday, 11 October 2010

Little progressions

Today marks Day 4 of a block of fairly intense training. Four days in a row of pushing myself into the hurt box, sometimes fartlek style, but hey a good peak power reading* is still valid!

I am pretty stoked, because it's been well over a month, nearly 2 months since I felt this "good". And what's the difference?? Industrial strength probiotics.  When I first started taking them (I am talking prescription variety here, not the healthfood shop version) within a week I felt an energy I had not felt in many many years. Then, with the testing period, I had to stop taking them, and I fell back to being heavily fatigued, foggy, achey. Now I am taking them again, with last week being week 2 of ingesting these horsesized capsules. I soaked up the last week of training without the usual crash and burn fatigue, and whilst I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow, I am also looking forward to the next four days of training I have planned out for myself.

Happy happy! :-D

*I scored a hit in the powerprincess wattage output stakes.Hammering up a hill always helps though ;-)

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Groover said...

So happy to hear! Powerprincess - hey?! Are you sure it's probiotics you are taking? And where can I get that stuff? LOL