Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's Time....

It’s time. Yes, Gough, it is. Normally by now, I know what I will (or rather, plan to) be racing over the coming track season. This year not so. I have no idea of my real race fitness (limited is my estimation), and as per usual, being incredibly endowed with an overabundance of shutzpah and selfbelief as I am, I’m telling myself that I won’t be ready to race until January at least.

Country Track Champs are out this year, as I have theory and prac exams to sit/stand for my Equine Myotherapy certificate. Xmas Carnivals are a serious probably not at the moment. That needs qualifying by some real world racing in a few Thursdays’ time. Yeah yeah been saying that for a few months now!! Oh next week I’ll be there. Ha! ie Probably not.

I need to plug some racing gaps from January to March and I think club racing will be it. Women’s Omnium in January; well I organise that one. Perhaps a couple of the country opens, then it’s onto the Champs.

State Masters are in February and Nationals in March. I am very happy that Nationals have been brought back a month, as most of us are completely trashed by April. But in reality the timing totally sucks for me. I am on the State Junior team, and Junior Nationals ends 3 days before Masters Nationals start. Both are in Sydney. Juniors will trash my energy and legs with 12 hour plus days standing, getting dehydrated, less than ideal eating, fitful sleep etc. Then I fly back to Melbourne on the Sunday, only to get back in a car on Tuesday for the return trip. I could stay in Sydney but the additional expense, and not going home to wash, pack, regroup etc is as bad as the turn around going home and back. Damned either way.

Somehow I think it’s going to be a quiet season.

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