Monday, 23 August 2010

Mud under the fingernails

Another weekend of GOOD training, feeling GOOD whilst training, and being able to knock out some GOOD kilometres of the roundy roundy kind.

That's two weekends in a row where I've been able to train at last season's level, in terms of effort and volume. And to be feeling GOOD this morning at my desk is a sure sign that's something GOOD is happening. Unfortunately I don't think it's gunna last, as I'm adding gluten, and wheat, back into the diet for the next 4 weeks leading up to Dr Gastro putting his camera where cameras really shouldn't go. To be honest, it's been a real mental struggle to actually return, albeit partially, to a former way of eating. It took a lot of energy and effort to train myself to eat the way I do now, and it seems to be (finally) paying off. Why on earth would I really want to risk losing that? All in the name of health....

Anyway, I am feeling stronger, and fitter, and am faster than I was a month ago, two months ago. I can back up two days in a row with mileage and a hard workout. I can do a hard 3hours of track training in the morning (and not puke any more) and follow it up with a steady 1 hour plus ride on the trainer in the evening. I'm not going to make the Masters  Nationals crit, I may or may not make the Sam Miranda Snow Road crit mid October, I may or may not have the endurance for Tour of Bright in December, but I am feeling a little more confident of some solid racing this coming track season. For the first time since early May I actually feel like getting my hands dirty racing!

In the meantime I've been dealing with one of the nastiest hoof abscesses in my mare I've had to nurse. It's punched a hole through the sole of her hoof, which means regular cleaning and bandaging to prevent contamination and further infection. Simple. Well it should be. Because 1) the paddocks are so wet/muddy with recent rains and 2) she is toe walking to take the pressure off her foot, bandages that should last 2 days easily are barely making it through one day. So this morning, we were out cleaning, disinfecting, bandaging yet again, just after dawn. When I got to work, despite having washed my hands thoroughly several times, I looked down at my hands and realised: I have horse owners hands once more. Horse grime embedded around the nails! And yes, it's GOOD.

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Groover said...

What an experiment! Fingers crossed that the reintroduction of gluten doesn't bring back all the symptoms. Keen to check back in a few days to find out how you are going ... and of course how the horse is going, too.

I hope it will be still good.