Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Looking forward to Spring

At training on Saturday morning 9am, it was colder inside than out. I wore: bib nix, long sleeved merino thermal under, regular short sleeved jersey, 2 x long sleeved, roubaix lined winter jerseys, leg warmers (should have had my leggings on) 2 prs of socks, long fingered heavy weight gloves, ear warmers. Between efforts, I put over the top my track pants and fleecy top.

Yesterday I went to a meeting in another building at work. It was cold at 10am, but by the time I walked out of the meeting into the open air 90minutes later, the temperature had dropped 5 degrees, I swear. It was bitterly cold. My outbreath was solidifying as icicles mid air.

The way it's looking for the rest of the week, I'll be need two thermal unders plus all that kit next Saturday. And I think we'll need some fish (or rum) to feed these guys when they come visiting:


Leon and Sue Sims said...

Just couple of years back when the Bandidos did their mid-week winter morning rides, I would bring a hip flask of whisky - true dinks.
It went well in our after ride coffee.
Leaping Leon

Groover said...

Yep, even here in Brisbane it's below 10 at night and last Sunday it was 11C at 9 am ... INSIDE OUR BEDROOM!

Lawrence said...

@ Leaping I am hoping Sophie brings some of her schnapps this Saturday. If you come, bring your hip flask pls!

@ Groover, that's positively balmy! lol