Monday, 9 August 2010

Burton Brained by Inception

Yesterday, on my way to the Tim Burton exhibition,after seeing Inception the night before, I wondered what a Burton version of Inception would be like. The movie was brain rattling enough, so add in Burton's eye, and take on the world, and you'd have something truly brilliant.

So I had a pretty good weekend, although I missed out on training yesterday, giving my body a rest I think it needed (and somehow managed to sidestep any associated guilt trips: bonus!). Gratuitously Perkoed on Saturday (with some help from a massive withdrawal of probiotics two days earlier), I was seeing speeds I've not seen for nearly two months. How that happened I have no idea, considering I was running on empty (literally) but it was pretty good for the ego to see some slightly faster speeds happening again. I got a ways to go before I'm cracking March figures again, but I'll be right by track season. So long as I make it through September.

I have two weeks solid of hydrogen breath tests next month, followed by a double scoping to complete the fortnight. Then we should absolutely know what is going on with my guts. Perhaps. To be honest, the GI specialist was so allopathic, I think you could encapsulate him and take him as an antibiotic. Next time I speak with him, I'll be going under, so our conversation will be about the same as it was with the initial 10 minute consult: incredibly limited, one way and expensive!

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