Friday, 30 July 2010

On a cloud/In a storm

from here

I love this image. It describes perfectly my current cycling life: dynamic, to say the least. One day on a cloud, next falling asleep on the cloud, another day, in the middle of a storm, but always riding the wave of health, life and cycling.


Groover said...

I'm the one holding on for dear life ... LOL

Lawrence said...

lol the one at the bottom? I took that dude as having crashed and burnt and is now a sleeping heap on their cloud ie me!! heheehe

Crankster said...

love bike art.
"excuse me sir,
could I have some more please?"

Leon and Sue Sims said...

clouds in my brain

Groover said...

I actually thought more the one in the middle with the feet in the air ... completely out of control ... at least that one's covered in cloud ... nice cushioning in case of a crash. LOL