Thursday, 29 July 2010


Currently I am finding myself blog-genre challenged, and the fallout is nothing. I am not writing, have no groundswell of creativity bubbling up like flaked rice and quinoa porridge on the flame.

And it's all because of food. The vast array of Melbourne based foodie blogs (well, Melbourne is a foodie mecca, as well as a fashionista mecca, as well as a St Fixter mecca, cultchural mecca), Melbourne based bike blogs, Melbourne based food by bike on a bike for bikes by bikes blogs is, well vast and arraysome. And in my own small way, I am contributing to this mess, across two blogs (well three if you count the other one). Most common-sensedly persons do it in one blog. So I am torn. Torn like an artisanally hand torn rocket and spinach salad, artisanally drizzled in handspun  bespoke olive oil and biogeothermal balsamic vinaigrette between Eat and Suck my Dragsters. I could combine them (Eat my Sucker Dragster) but my blogroll (wheat, dairy and fructose free of course) would be tiresomely long, sending one from an early breakfast to a late lunch in 4 St Ali machiattos. Maybe I could swap to wordpress (even the name is bespoke and artisanal) and have pages for my blog.

Let me think about it, and I'll get back to you. I'll have a long black while I decide thanks.


Groover said...

As many blogs as it takes, girl ... and you can handle. But stick with one topic at a time, don't mix them all in, even so some topics may overlap. And don't be hip! Just be yourself! :-)

Lawrence said...

LOL thanks Groover, I think you summed it up well! ;-D