Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Motivation takes on ego and goes to another place

Finally, a few days of solid training with good outputs. And I don't feel wrecked. Yaaaaaaaay, just as I give up the last donated specimens for medical inspection and diagnosis (until August when I see the gastro specialist guy).

There is nothing worse than training hard (but not too hard, because that might be what kicks you back over into pathetic racer fatigueland) with that angsty niggle in the back of your mind, worrying, stressing about whether you are going to make it through to the end of this interval, let alone the next three to come. And when you do nail them (the first time in weeks) your ego then says, pfft shoulda gone harder softy! while you flex your muscles and say "grrrrr" in the face of the past.

But nail them I did, without nailing myself back onto the wooden crucifying planks. So now my enthusiasm and motivation are carrying my ego into places where my body probably shouldn't go, namely up a hill, or two alongside 20 other women, racing style. Ok, yes a road race. Maybe two. But that's all, no more I promise!

Because, as we all know, I am a trackie.

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