Sunday, 20 June 2010

Being just a bit high maintenance

My friends know I like food, good quality, fresh, tasty food. I am a bit of a food princess, but these days I am feeling high maintenance, way  beyond princess. I eat well. Well as in fresh, unprocessed as possible, seasonal, organic preferably (and reasonably), local, varied, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, carb controlled, quality proteins, timed well. An honorably healthy diet.

I've been in two minds about this post, but it came to the crunch a few minutes ago. I was googling flour combinations as alternatives to regular, every day wheat flour. You see, even though I am a bit precious about stuff that I ingest, and pretend to digest (more on that later) I do like a carby, bakery good for morning tea. Occassionally homemade, occassionally a muffin from my work local. Last week I whipped up a gluten free pumpkin thing. It was not bad, and now I want to experiment. After half an hour of googling I am over it. I am feeling high maintenance, and probably a little in denial.

Ok, so after having half a litre of blood taken for tests a few weeks ago, I finally got to see my new GP. She is one awesome woman. In the first five minutes she asked: So, how much time do we have? I asked: what do you mean? She wanted to know when my next major event was, and how much time we had to get whatever is going on inside of this machine of body, sorted. This one is going to take as long as it takes. I am allowing myself that much this time.

So bloods done, resulted checked. The outcome is that Dr T has no idea why what is going on is going on. Amongst other things, we do know that 1) my blood cells are being released by my bone marrow too young ie too immature to do their job properly. Think about that after 4 smashfest 1 lap reps ..... and 2) my guts are not absorbing all the nutrients from my food (see  end point 1). My system is not feeding itself well enough for me to train and compete at the level I want to.  And to top it off, Dr T also threw in:  "I think something you are eating is poisoning you. We just need to work out what." Great.My healthy diet is making me sick.

Next step: a stack more freaking bloods! plus ultrasounds, a visit to a specialist for a viewing of my bowels (oo fun).. and.. more testing. This will take another 6-8wks, mainly due to the popularity of the people I need to see for diagnostics.

In the meantime, once the bloods are done this week, Dr T wants me on a gluten free, dairy and fruit free diet. Ok. Cool. My first thought: What the hell am I going to eat for breakfast? I eat bircher muesli every morning, except on the weekends when I have porridge with a bunch of goodies thrown in, fruit and yoghurt. I LOVE my usual breakfast. This is a major problem. A massively HUGE problem!! Life changing. And what about my twice a week protein shake? And my fruit snacks, my pre-training snack, my pre-gym and post-gym snacks? And the fruit juice I use to down all my supps? Straight veg juice isn't that easy to find on a Sunday in the local supermarket!

So, I am planning, reading labels, googling alternatives and being just a bit high maintenance. Just so I can race a bike and make the end of the race in the bunch. Guess I love my bike racing :-)


Groover said...

That just sounds all too familiar, the disappointment to find out that all the good things you are doing (so you thought) are actually not good for you at all. But not knowing what actually is good for ... oh, I know the frustration. I'm currently experimenting with gluten free, too. Ever tried rice porridge? It's great. And I found a gluten free muesli now that I really like, too. Buckwheat muffins! Awesome! I'm happy to share a few recepies, if you want. Are you allowed berries?

Lawrence said...

Hi Groover

I've recently met a couple of competitive cyclists with Crohn's and they are doing ok, so that's really encouraging.

I'd love to share recipes. Thank you :-)

No fruit allowed at all at the moment, which is going to be really hard. I'm so used to reaching for some fruit between meals. Now it will have to be vegetables lol lots of carrots :-D

You are right about the disappointment (and frustration!!) about the supposed healthy diet. I keep telling myself it IS healthy, just not right for me at the moment.

I've bought some quinoa flakes to try for breakfast, with rice milk! I'll keep an eye out for rice porridge if you reckon it's ok! I'll send you an email.. think I have your email somewhere. If not, I'll message you via twitter :-)