Friday, 21 May 2010

Going Random

Grapes don't taste like chocolate. I think it's a waste, but there you go. They just don't. They taste like apples and fresh rye grass.

I have 3 days left of my 30 days of cycling challenge, and am looking good for a 90% completion rate. Wednesday was my third missed session, thanks to a Board meeting. Meetings wiped out two of my days, with illness taking out the other. I am pretty happy with that, as it was a kind of suck it and see thing. Although, I must admit my plans to ride freely, and on any bike were a bit ambitious in the end. I alternated between track bike, fixed wheel on trainer and the ergo bike.

Landis is now finger pointing, and has finally admitted he is a total cockbrain (if only) by lying, and sucking a bunch of people into his lies for money. Well, he's a pretty good entrepreneur. Maybe he could start an urban hipster street cred shop, called St Floyd? It has that kinda ring about it. And like all passing truths, it will last long enough to suck in some people, assisting them to part with their moneys, and feel like fools goats when they wake up in the morning and see what they have bought.

 stolen from I'm not lying. Serious

When is an apple a day not good for you? When you experience fructose malabsorption. One local coach likes to bang on about the horrors of fructose, ranting about coke, pepsi and fruit juice. I say he is way off track, and it's the humble apple that is the real culprit. In fact, a Wonka MudSludge bar is "better" for you than 2 apples if you are fructose intolerant. Go figure. Maybe that's why I want my grapes to taste like chocolate?


Groover said...

A naturopath told me ages ago that I shouldn't eat too much fresh fruit and salad. I thought he was crazy but I do know that a glass of orange juice, first thing in the morning, doesn't sit well with me.One more thing to experiment with and read up on.

Grapes are best consumed in liquid form by the way ... :-)

Thanks for all the info. Gem!

Lawrence said...

It's so complex Groover, but I guess once you know yourself that well, it then become easier! I understand what that naturopath was saying now, but it's still crazytalk :-)

And yes, grapes are best in liquid form. I was reading that dry white is best for digestively challenged people. I am not a big fan of dry white as a regular beverage, unless it has bubbles and comes from that place in France. What a shame ;-P