Thursday, 8 April 2010

Feeling Sorry for Myself

I have been reading Leon’s blog and dreaming.  It’s the end of the season, with one more meet to go, albeit a major championship, and  I am dreaming of another place, with new adventures,  that is far  from the clamouring demands of training, work, study, every day life.

I have a week of training left. I’m not sure that’s more juggling my “health” against training, on a fine line of just enough, but not too much, and not really knowing where that line is. This cold virus is something else that only time off the bike will fix. People who heard me barking last Saturday at the track will vouch for that! I just want to go to bed and sleep off this deep seated fatigue, body aches and bad attitude. Yep, I am still totally over it, and my brain is not engaged with the job I have to do next week. So be it. Major meh!!

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