Thursday, 1 April 2010


Browsing the entries online for National Masters, I am slightly bemused to see I am (currently) the ONLY WMAS3 entry.

In fact, I 'm not. It's just that the rest of the 40-44 women who have entered are on Elite licenses. I find this curious and puzzling. For most competitive masters women, having an elite license doesn't change anything. There are not enough numbers of women racing opens to have separate races for elites and masters. We get lumped in all together, which I like. I am sure I've posted on the license issue before, but this time, I've done a little bit of quick and dirty research to see what races those WMAS3 elite categoried riders have done ie I went searching for a justification of their elite license. In Victoria, only one raced Senior States and competed in the elite category. In NSW none of the elite 3s raced elite/senior champs.

So if someone can explain to me the benefits of a WMAS3 racing under an Elite category license, I'd love to know!


GPLama said...

I choose an Elite license just because it gives me the choice to enter more things - even if I don't, the option is there without having to upgrade or deal with CA/CSV to sort it out sometime during the year.

I'm a few years (and few operations) off WMAS3 though, so I can't comment on that category specifically. :)

I still think they should list the actual category that each entrant will be racing on the start list. Its nice knowing if there are enough entries in the category to make it a 'championship' etc...

Combining age categories doesn't benefit anyone!

Lawrence said...

Lama Man, I totally agree with you. For you, an elite license makes sense. You get a range of options then, that aren't "relevant" for us gals. Ours is not a numbers game like it is for you guys.

And yep, a bit jack of trying to work out which elites "belong" where. Much more efficient to show which category everyone is racing.