Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The weekend that was...

This weekend of racing was kind of special for a little group of us. It was a celebration of friendship, racing and a love of track, mixed in with some Club pride (go Warragul!) and friendly sledging, with the princess tissues doing their job.

My one downer: A couple of others showed that a little respect towards fellow competitors, event organisers/officials and the event itself goes a long way, and empty podium spots are not good for the sport, nor do themselves any good.

But mainly the weekend was full of Good Stuff: Mr Flowerpants debuted in the IP, and showed he has much potential for this soul destroying event. I did my third ever flying 200m, and finally won a race. The Sam on the podium yet again! The Poida proved to me she is full of shit and should trust in her training and herself ;-). The G-Bert displayed his gutsy racing style yet again, and was rewarded for his fly catching techniques. Princess Kaz is one tough cookie, and showed us what determination and grit really is.

photo: Brendan Stewart

Warragul CC had four riders, and brought home 3 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze. Not bad for a regional club with a small interest in track. Sam Miranda appeared on the podium four times, and has a state title to brag about in the Wine Club newsletter :-)

Check out the photos of an excellent Sunday's racing. Next stop, Junior National Track Champs @ DISC.

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