Wednesday, 10 March 2010

This is the day

Today I feel unfit, unstrong, unfast, unathletic, totally unprepared, underdone. Not a good way to feel 3 days before State Masters Track Titles. Never mind, I am sure I’ll get over it.

Training was a bit of a non-event over the weekend, as I started the Equine Myotherapy certificate of a Diploma in Equine Naturopathy I enrolled in a few months back. I started the Equine Myotherapy certificate 7 years ago, but life got in the way, and I bought a house. The course lost out to paying a mortgage, but the time has come to return and finish the unfinished.

Monday I got in a session on the trainer, and yesterday I woke with an ache: an aching head, an ache in every joint and most muscles in my body, an ache when I stood up. So I stayed prone for most of the day. Except for when I was butting heads.

The saga-ish saga of my replacement bike has been ongoing, and going, and going. Early last week I was finally mailed the settlement cheque, which meant, on receipt of said cheque, I could go and collect my new bike from Cecil Walkers.


Except for one small problem: the cheque is STILL in the mail. So on Friday when I realised this, I rang up the insurance company and butted heads. Without much luck there, I spent the weekend fuming and irating, and on Monday composed a tanty of an email, complete with final head butting buttisms, and sent it. Being a public holiday on Monday, I had to wait until Tuesday to complete my headbutt extraordinaire. I rang the insurance company to see what they’d do about the cheque (yes, I know it’s STILL in the mail) and was fed some crap, at which I completely headbutted the guy at the end of the phone. I think he cried when we finally parted company.

A few hours later, his boss phoned me. “Even though the cheque is in the mail (yes, I know. It’s been in the mail for a while now) I have arranged with Cecil Walker for you to collect the bike today. “ I thanked him, not too gratuitiously, but politely enough all the while thinking about time you fecker. Did you find customer service misfiled under L for loser? A few hours after that, a special delivery was made to my door, and I promptly “rode” the new loony bike around the drive, as you do, in slippers and without a helmet, drugged to the eyeballs (aspro of course!!) which explains the no helmet.

I like the way the joy of a new bike (even though it’s the wrong colour ie unloony) takes away the viral pain of aches, even if only for a few moments, to allow one to cut some driveway laps. And then add the clear plastic spots under the cables, and add some lights, and add the powertap head, and clean off the grease prints on the forks and downtube, and finally, weigh the finished bike. And then the viral pain of aches returns. Weird innit?

Just in time for training for the weekend.


Buttsy said...

Waiting for a pic of the new bike! Good luck on the weekend......we are not doing track at the moment (might try again one day, just not now.....)........

Lawrence said...

Hi Judith

it's exactly the same as the pic I posted a week or so back, but with a white saddle not black :-) And it now has a tail light on it ;-)