Friday, 5 March 2010

Oops lost in moderation

I just found this comment, unmoderated, in the backwaters of my blog. So not only did I publish it accordingly, I felt it deserved front page attention, so here tis:

Mr Wino:

"Yep lock in October 9 - 10 2010 everyone. The weekend after the worlds and the week before the Warny!!

Saturday 100km Sam Miranda High Plains Road Race (Mansfield - Oxley)

Sunday Snow Road Criterium.

Pasta Dinner Saturday night along with RR presentations

Overall winners jerseys and KOM jerseys all grades. Trophy (wine) for best placed in both races.

more details
Entries through CSV $60rr $40crit.

MINIMUM $5500 for the weekend."


Nonie said...

So I'm assuming that there'll be a grade for women who have had training hampered by illness or accidents... If I'm back on the bike and fit enough I might have to think about organising some accommodation.

And I was suprised to just find out that it appears there was no women's crit at Bendigo last night. Disappointing.

Mr Wino said...

there will be a womens B grade if there are numbers to support it so Nonie start getting support of riders and we will gladly have 2 races or more if numbers are great. the KOM/QOM prize if looking good for the climbers amongst us. if all goes to plan it will we $200 cash for the first over the line in each grade! plus a few bottles of wine of course.
There was no crits in Bendigo the othernight but you would have thought if they were to close off roads they would have had more than one race, even a junior race too.
For those who know the shep velodrome the clubrooms has no more roof it blew off on Sunday in the storm.