Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Going to the dogs

The next three weeks are going to hurt. Despite ongoing lurgyness, I am hitting the straps hard for a final, last minute, last ditch attempt to drag some semblance of competitiveness out of my body in time for Nationals. I’ve got nothing to lose, and maybe an extra thousandth of a second of speed to gain. At least I’ll look fit ;-P

But I am not the only one. So I am secretly doing happy jigs knowing that all you other masters girlies are doing the same hard work, chasing some elusive something that will make a difference, any kind of difference.

But may I ask a favour please? Of those entering the sprints: no drag racing please. How frigging boring is that? What’s with this drag racing business anyway? Scared of riding the boards, of playing with chance, of taking a risk? I say phooey to that, and am planning to have some fun. I may even do my own version of drag racing, more frequently known as ‘going to the dishlickers”, “puppy pacing, “rabbit chasing” or, simply, “the dogs”.  Then again, my flying 200 may be so slow, I get to sit on the sidelines and watch… some drag racing. Most likely! heh

 image stolen from: http://tinyurl.com/7edfrs

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