Monday, 15 March 2010

Bianchi's first ride out

Friday I had an all-day workshop on the outer edge of the CBD, so decided it was a great opportunity to take the new bianchi for a spin, and to get some kms in the legs. I figured it would be max a 65km round trip. My only real concern, apart from the basin wash at the end of the ride in, was riding the Boulie. Hills have not featured regularly in my training diet, rather featuring as a rare treat.

I headed out with a reasonable backpack, and safely negotiated my way in. About 2/3rds of the way there, I realised my guesstimate of kms was going to be slightly out: try an 80 km round trip instead. A little seed of concern was planted, and I began to plan for ways to save my legs for State Titles the next day. I could face the dreaded Boulie or face heavy traffic. The Boulie won out, and I would just have to deal with it on the start line for racing.

The ride home started well, but by 20km, with the Boulie well and truly behind me, I was beginning to suffer. Not enough food, not enough fluid, fatigue from the pack and the hills. It was looking grim. With 17km to go, I stopped for a sandwich, checked my email whilst chewing, groaned about my plight on Facebook. 7km later my phone went off, so I took the opportunity for a break to read the message. I ate some lollies while I checked the phone. It was a godsend of an sms. If it hadn’t have come through, I wouldn’t have stopped, wouldn’t have eaten some lollies, and wouldn’t have made it home (just) intact!

A cold bath, skinz, a light massage, plenty of starchy carbs, and I went to bed with sore, aching legs, trying not to panic too much over their sorry state. Fortunately, something must have worked, as they woke up flat and tired, but somewhat race functional on Saturday. Moral of the story: use google maps to work out how long your actual route is before heading out, the day before a major race meet!

And how did the bike go? Stiff, twitchy, responsive. It's going to be a sweet crit machine.

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