Monday, 15 March 2010

500m Time Trial

I had no idea what to expect coming out of the gate for the 500m Time Trial. Last time I came out of a gate was at Worlds in October. I hadn’t timed myself in training for a few months, and the last time I had a clock on me, was for a flying effort. Then, my legs weren’t flash and neither was the time. My legs weren’t flash on Saturday afternoon either, so I was going to have to be happy with something in the 42s, if I was honest with myself. I felt good coming out of the blocks, a little tentative as usual through the first corner, then I let it rip as best I could. I didn’t die in corner 2 lap 2, but held on for a slow fade in the final bend and across the finish line. It didn't feel fast, and it wasn't. 42.76. Same as Worlds, similar to Nationals last year. And one one hundredths slower than Fleur Spriggs, who got Silver. That’s how close we were. A blink. A glitch in the Matrix is longer than that. But, it would have been worse to have gotten fourth by that much (and I’ve been in that situation, or similar, before). And of course, if it had been me for silver, not Fleur, I wouldn’t even be writing this post as I am! So I am not going to whinge too much about such a close placing. :-)

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