Monday, 1 February 2010

No wonder women shouldn't race bikes

Self-confessed drug cheat Riccardo Ricco was recently quoted as saying "Cycling isn’t for women, it hurts too much" when commenting on his cyclocross wife's recent alleged postive test. Funny, cos she's recently had a baby, and I'd have thought that much worse than racing cyclocross.

But anyway, I now have photographic evidence that Ricco may actually be right:

After some flying efforts, the result was mental confusion, physical pain, exhaustion, and urgent searching for a puke bucket. Women shouldn't race bikes, it makes them look ugly, do ugly things and  act stupid.

Nice skinsuit though.


Groover said...

Very nice skin suit, indeed! I've got to agree! Did Ricco really say that? What a tool!

Lawrence said...

Tool. Good choice of word Groover! I like it, very apt!

Treadly and Me said...

I think he might have been misquoted. He was actually responding to a question about how he rides without doping, and his answer was: "Cycling isn't for me, I ride like a girl, it hurts too much."

Or something like that.

These misunderstandings happen so easily.

Lawrence said...

@ Treadly Doh! Of course, that makes much more sense than the Cyclingnews quote. And of course, Cyclingnews IS known for making errors.

Thanks for the correction :-D Perhaps I should include a photo of him in my blog post as well. It now seems very appropriate!