Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The New Loony Bike


It's nearly here. As of yesterday afternoon, after wheeling and dealing on the last 50cm HoC 928 SL frame in the warehouse, the deal was locked in. Now I need to wait for the frame to be delivered to the bike shop, take Ms Loony over for a groupset transplant, and associated surgery (new cables, handlebar tape, saddle) and then it's done and I am back on the road, freewheeling.

The current state of play is that the 2010 928s are on their way to Ozland, but it could be a two to four month wait. I have a State Masters Crit to ride at the end of next month. I can't wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fortunately for me, this frame is the last of last year's 928s and it happens to be my size. Lucky!!! Sometimes being short is a bonus, usually it's not when it comes to bikes and equipment.

So now, I am just waiting on a phone call from Salter Cycles to say they have the frame. Then it's all systems go and a matter of days before I have a new race machine. I'm kinda excited!


Buttsy said...

State crits next month....might have to look at that.....

Nonie said...

Pretty! Enjoy your lovely new carbon ride! :)