Monday, 8 February 2010


Or, Saturday Morning World Masters Championship Victorian Club Teams Championship Women Masters Team Sprint Championship Champions.

With a lot of help from my friend Ms K.

Unfortunately, we were the ONLY masters women entry, and we probably did start celebrating GOLD!!! a day or so early, but fortunately we didnt jinx ourselves in doing so. We made it! Our time would have seen us ride off for bronze in the Elite Women section, so we were no slouches either.

For Ms K and I, it was a Big Deal, as we don't train together, hadn't practiced at all, it has been many months since Ms K has been on the boards at DISC, and she is nursing a debilitated hip. In fact,  her FB status from yesterday morning was : "My butt is strapped ...So now I'm ready to race!!!!". Apparently the butt strapping was to support the hip, but I am inclined to think that the Skinny Arse was intimidated by the thought of hanging out with gluteally endowed sprinter types, and resorted to some kind of prosthetic enhancement to fit in! Anyway, it did the job, helped her get through a standing start that may have ended in tears if the dodgy hip decided not to work properly, and made her look like the real deal with more arse than usual ;-).

I have a soft spot for the Club Teams Track Champs, because my very first ever race was this event. I'd been on a track bike for six weeks, we'd cobbled together a team of four girls, of whom only one had any track experience (Monique Hanley). Two of the newbies have stayed with track racing, one of whom competed at Nationals only last week (Nicole Whitburn). It's a serious championship, but also has a function of acting as a developmental event, a social event (club teams) and brings clubs together as clubs, pitting themselves against other clubs in a unique enviroment for cycling. We won two silver, by the way, at that first Club Teams event.

So thanks to my good team buddy Ms K for letting me think this was a good idea, and for talking ourselves into it. It's also fun to share a bit of club pride, and to the club kit out there, being one of the mid-sized regional clubs. 

And finally, the other women Team Sprint medallists:


from left: Meg Marsh, Emy Huntsman, Thomay Michaltsis, Sue McCarthy, Daniell Niykos, Emma Waldron

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