Sunday, 3 January 2010

Xmas Carnivals 2009 Shepparton

Quote of the carnivals, from the commentator in the kierin heat: Coming into the final lap, Lawrence Maskill is gritting her teeth. Either that or she is smiling!

Well, I was gritting my teeth for the pain that was about hit me as I stepped out alongside Carly McCoombe and hit the accelerator, but I was smiling as I did it. First two through to the final, and all I had to do was finish behind Carly. I was in the box seat, on her wheel, but to be honest, had no intention of going through to the final. I made that decision on the start line, and planned to see what was left in the legs in the back straight of the final lap. There was nothing, nada, zip. Three days of racing and 38 degree heat had sapped me. But I was happy: happy to have a play, have a crack, and to also not have to do a kierin against some of the strongest and fastest open women in the State in that heat. All you can do is smile, and have a laugh!

It was nastily hot, and most of us were knackered.

Unfortunately, Racerboy took a tumble, thanks to being aggressively chopped. OUCH!! He had some deep de-barkings..

But, we all know girls dig scars. I don't think he believed me when I told him! And this is a guy who has nuns in cars wolf whistle at him!

Reading over my blog entries from this time last year, and the year before (my god, is this blog that old??!) I'm glad to have made the last minute decision to go to Xmas Carnivals this year. Last year I missed them, and the gains from going this year are many, least of which was getting some quality workouts into my depleted legs. Hot, hard racing, great fun, a vitamin shot for my cycling soul. Bring on 2010!

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