Monday, 11 January 2010

Well, it's Summer I guess

It's hot. The weekend was hot, today is even hotter. I think my hotometer is overly sensitive since it's exposure to the heat at Shepparton a couple of weeks back (that long ago???).

I am in heat avoidance mode. Cool and still. Movement increases core temperature, which means: heat!

That being said, I had two good training sessions on the weekend. Even the easy, social ride with a seniors' card-carrying rider yesterday had some good wattages, peak and sustained. I must be getting back on track.  I can feel a break through heading my way. Or at least a return to gym tomorrow after three weeks off. Am looking forward to that! Anticipating the stiffness and pain on Thursday, just in time for my 2010 return to Thursday night track racing. Sweet!


Red Bike said...

Here in England we haven't ridden for weeks because of the abnormally low temperature / snow.

Lawrence said...

It was 33 degrees C at 4.30 am this morning. The planet is playing jokes on us ;-)