Saturday, 30 January 2010

RIP LoonyBike

Today I picked up the dead body of my beloved Bianchi Luna, and brought her home. Dr Rauol did a a thorough testing of her little frame after her too close encounter last weekend, and the verdict was: dead. No more rides for my shiny disco queen bike.

So now I am going through the process of insurance claims and sourcing another frame of equivalent standard. How you do that on a 5-6 yr old model that was a limited production, is no longer available, and where the technology and models have progressed and changed will be an interesting one to be negotiated with the insurance company.

Anyway, I now have quotes for two framesets, which in themselves are not easy to get as 1) frames tend to come these days made up as complete bikes; bike company don't actually release many frameset types for individual sale and 2) stock is limited in Australia, and the shops are currently waiting on shipment from Italy.

So, while the next step should be resolved by next week ie getting the money from the insurance company, the bit after that ie actually having a bike to ride and race, may take some time unfortunately.

People have been saying to me that it must be exciting to be shopping for a new bike. Frankly, if you are not ready for it, it's one of the crappiest experiences a cyclist can have. I am kinda excited to be possibly upgrading, but its a couple of years earlier than I anticipated, so it's heavily tinged with sadness and scraps of denial to be parting company from a much loved bike.

At least her last riding day was spent racing and then hauling my arse home, which Princess Loony was good at.  Glitter in bike heaven little bike.

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