Friday, 22 January 2010

Long weekend

in more ways than one. But I am really pleased with my cleverness in taking Monday off, cos I now am really gunna need it!!

Being the Australia Day weekend, the place to be is Bright, home of the Audax Alpine Classic, and a bit. The place is chock full of cyclists already, thanks to a thing called the Semaine Federale. You can google that. It's an Audax thing, celebrating long rides over a week long period. As my friend Mr Flowerpants is an Audaxer, and one of the original Alpine Classickers, he is riding the new, inaugral,  soopadoopa 250km version of the Alpine Classic. Nutter.

Me, well I was originally going to be in attendance as the supporting bike chick. Then a kindly winery manager convinced me to ride Wangaratta Track Carnival on Saturday night, backing up with the Wang Crit on Sunday. This is cool, but because Mr Flowerpants has to leave Wang at 2.30am Sunday morning to get to Bright, saddled up and ready to roll out for a 4am start, it means I'll be carless on Sunday if I stay for the crit.

Now, that should be no drama. I'll ride to Bright after the crit, methinks. A cunning plan!!! The forecast for Sunday is mid 30s, as in 35 or more. Ok. Wang to Bright is about 80km. And then I realise it's a crit. That means an intense warm up is required. I can see a long hard day in the saddle coming up. I've not ridden over 80kms in, well I'm not going to say because it's embarassing.  Thank goodness there are lots of little towns on the way, because I'm going to drink stop my way to Bright!

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Groover said...

At least it's reasonably flat ride ... I believe? Good luck!