Thursday, 14 January 2010

If Pain is

just weakness coming out of the body, then why do I feel weaker when my muscles are pained?

Yes, it's Day 2 post gym, after a 3 week hiatus. I tell myself that the pain is blocked energy and it will dissipate in time after I move away from ball and chain at the office desk. It just takes a while that's all, and I look kinda funny hobbling away down the corridor, with my work colleagues giving me knowing nods: ah yes, she's been to gym.

Apart from training, and some avoidance of training this week, I have managed to book  a bunch of open track racing into a four weekend block, starting next weekend with Wangaratta Track and Crit. I'll be in my new Sam Miranda kit, looking sparkly and fresh. Well for a few moments before racing starts anyway.

To celebrate my racing eagerness, I won't be racing tonight at Northcote's inaugral meet for the year. I am too tired and sore. O yeah, it's just weakness leaving my body.....

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Buttsy said...

Want to see a pic of the new kit.......please!