Friday, 23 October 2009

The Annual Thank You List

This year I am not naming names: you know who you are. Thank you for your support, the encouraging words, love, hate, grief, laughs and tears, good times, bad times, wins and losses you have thrown my way.

Thank you to the arseholes out there who make me fiercer and stronger, and thank you to my dear buddies and my very precious loves who make me stronger and bolder, keep me sane and grounded, and keep my renown smile beaming on. I am one fortunate and privileged woman to have such company.

35-39, 40-44 Scratch Race 2009

It’s been 42 odd hrs since I raced the scratch race, am at home again, and I am still trying to work out how I feel about it. I am very happy, and frustrated, I guess. I am happy I was up there with the bunch til the final 2 laps, and with no top end speed (my mantra for the last 18mths) wasn’t able to go with them. But I am frustrated in that I found myself doing my old trick of floating around the back of the bunch. This time however, I was hunting for wheels to take me forward, and kept hitting road blocks, or plain dangerous riding.

I’ve just had a look at the online footage of the race, and as usual, it always looks different from the outside. There was a small cluster of girls for most of the race, in the middle of the track, creating mayhem and mischief that I wasn’t prepared to get involved with. After the falls of the previous race, most of us were more conservative and unwilling to take risks or push through as we would normally. I’m not sure this isn’t a bad thing (apart from the double negative) as we all managed to stay upright and finish the race. I'm not sure how at times, but we did thank god. Poor Tanya B ended up with broken bones from her scratch race (speedy recovery Tanya!!).

I rolled down the ramp after the race, with some much needed braking support from Pete Barnard. Got to the bottom, fell off the bike and sat straight down with my back against the wall, before I fainted (well almost). I was barely aware of what was going on around me: I know I got a congratulory kiss from an admiring fan :-D, but frankly, I was working through a realisation that I can actually do this stuff. It was a sweet, revelatory moment. I can do this stuff: I just need more top end speed, and to improve my endurance, and I am so there.

PS just realised the link will take you to the TTs not the Scratch. Can't get the Scratch url, so you'll have to look it up under 2009 events!

Monday, 19 October 2009

500 M TT World Masters 2009

No PB. To say the least, I am very disappointed, and incredibly frustrated with myself. Going on my recent training times, my self-belief in a PB was nuclear - a rare thing for me. So my disappointment is deep and personal.

I seem to be stuck in the 42 second range. The last 3 500ms I have done have all been in that range. Washing speed off rolling around the track, I looked up at the board and saw 42.77 sec. My first thought: FFS, what's with this 42 seconds crap??!!??

I have some explanations for today's performance, but I ain't gunna lay 'em out here. They'll just sound like excuses, which basically they are. So I'm keeping them to myself, and for you dear reader, no excuses, just that I didn't have the legs today. Tough shit, that's life, and racing.

I would like to say, though, a huge THANK YOU to my friends in the grandstand and online watching me today. I felt very humbled by your support. Thank you.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Race Across the Sky

You won't see me wearing Ralph Lauren

Not because 1) I am not a fan of the style or 2) I am not a fan of the price (let me get off the floor, from wetting myself laughing at the price tag), but because of this, and still yet, this.

At least we'll be seeing Real Women next week, athletic, fit and healthy. This crap just makes me irate. How can you take seriously a clothing manufacturer (Ralph Lauren is just that, a brand of clothing, not a creative designer) who can't take seriously their clients? I am sure RL is not the only guilty company either, they just happen to present with a hyperbolic instance of a "fashion statement", and got sprung big time doing so. Stupid as well as disrespectful.

Are we there yet???

Woot! It's Friday!! My last day of work before two weeks holiday! It's been 10 mths since I had such a long break from work, so I am really hanging out for it.

This morning I rode my second last "training" session before I suit up around 1 pm on Monday. There is nothing more I can do, apart from making sure my muscles are well fed, awake and fully functional by the time I am sitting in the gate, ready to go.

In about 21 hours, Coach and I head off to Sydney, with a carload of gear, and an ipod full of music again (after synching a playlist and having itunes DELETE those songs not on the playlist, on albums referenced by the playlist songs. Thanks itunes grrrrr).

I'm not stressing my sleep has been crap the last few nights, culminating in the cat sitting her butt on my cheek in the wee hours of this morning, because I wasn't complying with her own personal sleep arrangements. She is a stately senior, and is usually treated with the respect her age deserves. Except for last night. The cat's arse was the final straw. Needless to say, neither of us was very impressed with the other, but I won. I am bigger. My face is not a couch.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Encouragement and support

Just got an sms from Coach: Just think how much faster you'll be with the good wheels in. It will be quick.

My reply: good wheels and NO FREAKIN' HEADWIND.

I won't even mention the nice wooden boards ;-)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Standing Start

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle

Standing Start

World Masters Games VS UCI World Masters Track

I am intrigued.

Five women entered the World Masters Games 40-45 yrs 500m TT: 2 Nzers, 1 Australian, 1 Canadian and 1 American.

Eight women have entered the UCI World Masters Track 40-45 yrs 500m TT: 7 Australians and 1 NZer.

I am yet to figure out why this is so; why the World Masters Games has attracted a more diversely international competition base than the UCI Track Masters. Can someone please enlighten me as to why one is more attactive for international competitors than the other, particularly when they are so close together (although I can understand the cost of staying for an extra two weeks may be prohibitive).

Friday, 9 October 2009

Cari Proman Higgins

I've been following the Proman girls, and Cari Higgins in particular, since I met Cari, Shelley and Nicola at our Women's Omnium last year.

Cari raced USA National Elite Champs last week, and took home a swag of bling for her efforts. I read her reflections on her week at Nationals on her blog this morning. It's an honest account of Cari's personal response to her racing, and touched a chord with me. Kudos to her for writing it, and thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and role model girl!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

La Luna Haz Bling

Chain runz smooth in blue bling. Sweet! I lovez loony again.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Critnog season

While one dzabriskie tweets he is looking forward to eggnog season, I am mapping out my post worlds training, which will be centred around racing several times a week.

Daylight savings is here, and crit season has begun:

Sunday: Carnegie Caulfield @ Glenvale (and at Warragul @ Warragul)
Tuesday: Carnegie Caulfield @ Sandown
Wednesday: Hawthorn @ Kew Blvd
Thursday: Southern Vets (women incl) @ Sandown
Saturday: Footscray @ National Blvd.

Hmm looks like Monday is recovery day.

Then there is track racing as well. Rumour has it there will be Wednesday track racing at a venue near you (if you live in the inner burbs) soon.

So track will look something like this:

Tuesday: Brunswick @ DISC (Warragul @ Warragul)
Wednesday: TBA
Thursday: Northcote @ DISC
Saturday: Carnegie Caulfield @ Packer Park (tbc)

So my schedule may look something like this:

Tuesday: Sandown
Wednesday: TBA racing or training ride
Thursday: DISC
Saturday: National Blvd or training ride

Plus assorted Opens on the weekends, as per the forthcoming fixture.

Non-racing days will be secret training sessions. I (new) love critnog season! With a dash of track for spice.

JHST Women's Support Tour Renamed

Honda Hybrid Women's Tour

How timely, considering it starts next week!!!

As ripped off

Inaugural Honda Hybrid Women's Tour, Course Announcement

Dan Jones | 05/10/09

Following the win by Cadel Evans at the UCI Road World Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland, Australian cycling is on high.

However, it has so often been the women delivering the results for Australia including Kathy Watt's gold medal ride at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and Sara Carrigan in Athens in 2004.

This success has been achieved despite there being no major multi-stage tour for women in Australia.

That is all about to change with the inaugural Honda Hybrid Women's Tour.

What: Honda Hybrid Women's Tour, course announcement with Australian world championships representative Rochelle Gilmore and the Prime Estate elite women's cycling team

When: Tuesday 6 October

Time: 1:00pm

Where: Alexandra Gardens, Boathouse Drive, Melbourne

The Honda Hybrid Women's Tour will run from 15-17 October, 2009, and feature more than 70 women.

The three-day stage race will consist of a 55km road race, 10km individual time trial and a criterium race in Lygon Street on a 2.1km circuit.

The Honda Hybrid Women's Tour will use the resources and infrastructure of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour including Police-resourced rolling closures and fully closed circuits for the time trial and criterium.

Monday, 5 October 2009

A fortnight to go

before my bike is in the start gate and I am lining up to PB in the 500mTT, all things going well.

Training on the weekend was of the" I know I should but I just wanna ride my bike and enjoy the sunshine variety". So I did.

At this stage of the game, fitness gains will be so minute as to be seemingly non-existent if I want to be sitting in the start gate with fresh legs. The plan is to keep the legs fast, and squeeze a few more rpm out of them, stay healthy, freshen up mentally and physically and enjoy the whole shebang.

The aim this year is to PB, nothing less, nothing more, just PB. If that gets me kicking the podium, fantastic, if not, so be it. It's a hot field of 11 women, with some real powerhouses in the mix. For me, it's another meet on the calendar, the season opener, setting some baselines for the coming season. Nationals is in about 6 months, and in Melbourne. A real opportunity to do some Good Stuff.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thought of the day

With all the controversy over the Magda/Julia "we were only joking" incident, plus The Age's reporting of cycling incidents today here, here and here , it's occurred to me that a brilliant defence for bashing International (Indian) students would be: "Oh, but they were riding a bike on the road!"

The protagonists would get off without penalty, no worries.


And for once, the Herald Sun has provided space for both voices in the Magda vs Road Cyclists media scrum. Thank you H-S, considering you are a naming sponsor for one of the largest bike races held in this state, which occurs later this month incidentally. Oops.