Monday, 27 April 2009

Alien abduction

Lunchtime yesterday I change my status on Facebook to this: aliens have invaded the temple of my athlete body and turned it into an experimental lab for ultra slow twitch muscle fibres. Turns out I wasn’t far wrong. After having a dog of day at the Masters Omnium, I woke up this morning to a lovely cold. Guess that explains yesterday’s sad and sorry performances.

I may have broken a few slow train records yesterday, but I did have a tonne of fun! It was bloody hard work, and I am now trying to work out how I can be race promoter and actually compete at our Women’s Omnium State Champs in November. By then, I will have mastered a good line for the flying 200m as well!

Next big thing on the calendar is a training ride in Marysville next Saturday aka the Marysville Lake Mountain Fire Relief Cyclcosportif. Looking forward to some more of that great fruit cake!

Monday, 20 April 2009

More Melburn Roobaix

Courtesy of Wade @ cyclingtips

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Melburn Roobaited

It’s been 7 days since I’ve ridden a freewheel bike, and the one time I did in the last 15 days, it was a very odd experience. Guess that means I’ve been totally fixed!

This weekend was a bit of a blast, with plenty of time chasing a motorbike, including playing tag and follow the leader. When I wasn’t on my track bike, I was on 4B, chasing letters painted on roads at the end of cobblestoned laneways.

Melburn Roobaix is a real treat, with a plentiful variation in cycling cultures from trendy, innerburb, urbane felt hatted single speeders, complete with plus fours, bells and baskets, to lycra clad road, mtb and track racers, SS, fixed, mtb, road, hybrid, old skool, very old skool, koolskool, moneycladsuperslicknewskool, beer utes, and every variety in between. I’m not sure what makes it so good, but I think it’s a unique mix and some clever beating to make a fantastic hummingbird cake of fun and riding. I certainly got see parts of Melbourne I’ve never seen before (where the hell is Travancore???) but will certainly visit again. Riding kilometres of cobble stoned laneways, from flat but bloody bumpy to fuck! that’s steep!! was also a real treat, particularly dodging huge tyre-width holes and other cyclists and trying to stay upright at the same time. My legs got a solid workout from the stop starting and rough climbing. The best sight of the day was the stack (literally) of bikes at the finish outside Lomond Pub: five deep and three high. Awesome!

video by vermontcreekbed,stolen from youtube

Friday, 17 April 2009

My other body is a temple

This was my FB status from yesterday, and last night at racing I was asked which body I’d brought along: the one that is feeling trashed from Wednesday night in Marty’s Shed. No racing, thanks to no legs. No point in trashing rubbish, it just makes more mess!

Currently I am reviewing my training, what works, what doesn’t, what my temple likes, what my non-temple likes, how to marry those two up so both bodies function as they are meant to (ie racing machines!!). I know this is “common sense” but how often do we just do as our coaches prescribe without much thought to the pain and fatigue-induced diminishing performances we put out? So I am taking stock, and working on a plan. This will mean a radical new approach, like little chunks of high intensity, followed by very large chunks of other work to aid recovery on a continuous cycle. My biggest problem to date has been staying healthy enough to keep training “well” (whatever that is!!). My second biggest problem has been recovery, namely not enough, leading to problem #1.

So far, my biggest weaknesses are still my biggest weaknesses; stating the obvious really, but they haven’t improved at all in the last few years. Asking “why is that?” is part of the plan, as is providing a new answer. I need some full on work in that area between now and October. So that needs to be continuous, not icing on the cake. Plus continual work on strength and endurance, which are staples in the training diet. It’s gunna be fun balancing it all out, and experimenting a bit. Because time is short, monitoring is crucial, so we can promptly change stuff that isn’t working, or give other stuff more time to work.

So part of the plan is to have a heap of fun, trust myself, trust my legs, and play around with a few things to shake it up. I suspect I’ll be getting a lot of “feedback” (ie crap) from detractors, sceptics, naysayers who think they know better, are harder or tougher or older or more olympian than me. But frankly I am over not listening to myself, ignoring what I know and what works for me, and what I need to improve. I’ve got some very knowledgeable people around me who are giving me awesome guidance, support, mentoring. It’s a nice change, and I am feeling the benefits already.

My other body may be a temple but this one is an athlete.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter: How to trash yourself

without turning a pedal.


* Dench's hot cross buns
* easter quality chocolate by the kilo
*smoked beef
*bulgarian fetta
* several bottles of red wine
*2 inch thick steaks
*Dench's hot cross buns
*what did I do Friday?? I really can't remember
*O yeah, the 1:20 on 4B. A bit like the first time I did it on the big chain ring. But this time, it rained.
*Dench's hot cross buns
*more red wine
*home made xmas pudding
*finally catching up on cleaning horse rugs!
*Death Proof (google it)
*some nasty hills. Glad I didn't take 4B on that ride. It took me 30 minutes to eat a jam sandwich
*RPE is a nonsense and a nasty mind block.
*a new land leg speed PB
*Dench's hot cross buns
*red wine

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

National Masters Track 09

Launceston. Random photos.