Thursday, 10 December 2009

A not so bright week

thanks to this lurgy thing that is hindering my training, and energy levels. Today my lungs are full of dust, but the mass that is sitting on my chest won't budge. It makes any kind of intense training (you know - the kind required of competitive cyclists on a regular basis) nearly impossible to finish,let alone start.

It's four months to Nationals (I counted them today), and I am about lose one to this lurgy ie a fortnight off serious training, a fortnight (if I am lucky!!) of getting back to where I was. No Scotty's for me this weekend, and I am beginning to think Xmas Carnivals are going to be a bit of a joke, and part of my racing back into fitness aka training!! schedule, rather than anything serious.

Such is life. Sleep is the order of the day. Now if I can just stop going to meetings, and catching up on domestic stuff .....

At least I am finding the odd 20 min each night to do some reading.. just a pity its sport related, not study related :-D

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