Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Lurgy Blues

Saturday night I was a little despondent, but kept cheery by good company. I put it down to my flying 200 time.

Sunday I was over it, down in the dumps, critical, grumpy, tired and heavy legged. I put it down to 2 days of bad weather and tiredness. Sunday night I was way over it. I put it down to exhaustion.

Monday I was flat and unenthused, yet overly anxious about training and racing. I had a pretty average (attitude wise) gym session. I put it down to the weekend, racing, and a very stressful and busy fortnight leading up to the weekend.

Tuesday I woke up feeling like complete shit. I ached, felt like I had been beaten up, with a mass sinus blockage. I put it down to something akin to DOMS syndrome ie it takes 2 days after a work out to hit you. Tuesday I progressively got worse, and went to bed with a razor stuck in my throat, and a very tender body. I was with lurgy.

It's interesting to review this progression of attitudinal, and physical decline: which came first? Was the lurgy a result of my brain and heart shutting down on this thing called track cycling, or were they shutting down because of the blossoming lurgy? Either way, I've not had a break since mid-year, so I despite feeling a little better today and capable of an easy workout, I am giving myself the rest of the week off, with some fun rides prescribed for the weekend in Bright. A bit of freshening up and fun pedalling for post-lurgy therapy! Just what my track bike ordered!

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