Monday, 14 December 2009

Letting Go

The time has come to admit defeat: with 2 weeks of lost training thanks to this virus thing, and at least another few days likely before I can really ramp my training back up to pre Country Champs volume and intensity, it’s time to let the Xmas Carnivals slip off my race calendar for another year. I missed last year thanks to an economic crisis, this year, thanks to The Lurgy.

It’s hard to let it go. I was looking forward to spending three days away, living out of the car and motels, pretending to be a pro trackie for a brief moment of my holidays. But seriously, the chances of having the necessary fitness back in the next two weeks are so low as to be “are you kidding me???” status.

I managed 30 easy km on the trainer yesterday afternoon, my first ride since last Tuesday, from which it took me all week to recover. Yesterday I even did three 15 second low resistance sprints. Then I felt ill…. Really Ill… as in keep breathing deeply and the nausea WILL go away, as will the direly urgent, sudden need to roll up in a ball and sleep.

So this week will be simply getting my body used to working daily again, and testing what limits it currently has on its capacity for suffering. The suffermeter‘s red line will be low, I suspect. Results based on that testing will determine what I do next week. Who knows, I may be ok by the follow week to race at open level, in the summer heat of central Victoria, but I’m not prepared to put money on. So I am currently working on simply letting go….

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