Monday, 21 December 2009

I forgot I am a competitive cyclist

and pretended that I was a regular human being over the weekend, and went eating, drinking and shopping. I think I was still privately venting about the omnium changes, because I even bought some clothes, expensive local designer clothes, for work. Plus some new red shoes. They are very red.

Friday night saw me at the Aust Madison Champs, swanning around shmoozing, and drinking cheap bubbly and eating not much at all, chatting up potential kit sponsors for 2010, catching up with old buddies, some long lost from O/S. All in all a fun night. O yeah, there was some racing too! I remember some of that.

Saturday, well, read para 1 for Saturday's adventures in Wonderland. Soulfood for lunch: YUM!!! Denches for fruit mince pies: average. I made my own pies, complete with fruit mince I made a week earlier. Mine pwn Denches no argument. Sourced some valrhona chocolate to coat my new found speciality: rum balls. Yeah, but these are not just any rum balls, and certainly nothing like Mother used to make. Mine make my mother's look like CWA fare. O wait! That's where she got the recipe from: long live the weetbix and condensed milk!!

I attempted some training last night, on the fixed wheel. It hurt, but fully justified the sparkling burgunday I drank later with dinner, capping off a run of 5 days straight drinking every night. With dinner of course. Xmas Carnivals are only 7 days away; time to stop with the alcohol, seasonal food and do some training as well. Or, maybe I could stay in denial, and keep partying....

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