Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Summer Soltice

Yep, it was two days ago, but happy longest day of the year celebrations everyone!

O yeah! And merry christmas for tomorrow! I'm out for the regular Christmas morning ride - it's the best morning of the year to ride. Then it's onto some much anticipated Tasmanian and French bubbly and brilliant food for lunch.

Be safe everyone. Hope Santa brings you lots of nice presents, love and happiness for your day tomorrow.

Serious training resumes on Boxing Day to help shift those sneaking calories lingering from a week of chillin'. :-)


Buttsy said...

OUr Boxing Day is a 90km ride...dont think it will negate all of the Christmas Day calories though!....Have a great Christmas and see you at Buninyong in Jan!

Groover said...

Hope you had a wonderful day and that Santa fulfilled all of your Christmas wishes. Christmas ride was cancelled for me due to wine consumption on Christmas Eve. LOL I have decided to give myself one more week's grace and start with serious training again next week.