Monday, 7 December 2009

A Bright Weekend

This weekend I headed up to Bright to be soigneur for Mr Flowerpants, in his debut at the Tour of Bright. It’s been a long while since I have been to Bright, and now I wonder why I’ve left it so long. It truly is a beautiful part of the State.

I had plans to do some hill work while there – it’s almost a waste not to. But after a ride out to Wandiligong, which is barely more rigourous than Beach Road, and finding that a bit overwhelming, I realised my hopes for Tawonga Gap would be just that: hopes. Being hurt by a flattish road meant I was still getting over whatever lurgy I had, and needed to be nice to myself! So I was :-D

The TOB is HUGE!! And very well run, for such a large event. Congratulations to the Alpine Cycling Club as promoter/organiser and to all the officials and support for an excellent event.

Highlights were being part of a “cycling town” for the weekend, catching up with friends, one of whom I’ve not seen for over a year, being support instead of main actor, cherries picked that morning, Bright Brewery beers, cold baths post ride, yummy non-athletic food, the scenery, the gorgeous weather. The only downside was spending Saturday afternoon in my jeans, then continually hopping on and off my bike to travel between accommodation, startlines, and coffee shops! 12km in total on the bike in jeans. Not recommended!

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Groover said...

That lurgy seems to hang on but believe me, this time trial course is no flat road even without lurgy. ;-)

Hope you'll get over whatever lurgy that is (hope it's not Glandular Fever) and shame we didn't get to say Hi! in Bright.