Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nufnuf alert!!

This one's for PetaPoidyPeets.

At the track this morning, I went to change the 14 cog on my back wheel to a 15. I take the back wheel off: no 14 cog, it's a 15. WTF?????? I search through my kit bag for the 14 cog.. no 14 cog to be found.. it's gone astray. So what am I doing with a 15 cog on my back wheel and not the 14 cog I thought was there?

To make matters worse, I hadn't changed the cog on that wheel since Worlds' "knowing" it was a 14. So when I warmed up and raced last Thursday night, in my mind I had a 14 cog on. I didn't. I thought I raced on 90.6. I didn't. Now I know why I couldn't finish off any of the races with the bunch. But bloody hell, I rode a brilliant motorpace on an 84!


Buttsy said...

See the problem is once you get to ten you run out of fingers..........14 / 15.....

Lawrence said...

LOL fingers or brain cells??