Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Next stop

Country Track Titles, this weekend.

I've entered the sprint (my debut!!) 500m TT on Saturday, and Scratch race for some Sunday afternoon enjoyment.

Maryborough Track is 333m long. Only ever having done flying 200s on a 250m track, getting my brain around the entry line on Saturday afternoon is going to be interesting! Fortunately there are only 3 women masters entered, so timing is not crucial.Tactics will be, and stamina. I suspect at least one of my rivals will go for a longer sprint, so I'll have to work on delaying her final jump for as long as possible, or having her tow me around until I am close enough to the line to let it rip. It'll be good fun at the very least, and I am going for the learning as much as anything.

Training over the last 10days has been less than ideal thanks to a few small track events over the weekend. I've not ridden since Saturday, when I completely blew myself up with just one more effort. So this week isn't looking too great either (not because I blew myself up though!!). That's life and you just get on with what you got.

The next few weekends are taken up with racing of some sort, either track (Country's, Scotty's) or being support for others in the Tour of Bright (and sneaking in some hill training whilst staying away from the Chief Comm as he's promised to keep me from being bored in a small country town with jobs!! Thanks Doug). I am looking forward to Christmas, just for a break before it all starts again with the Xmas Carnivals in central Victoria.

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Buttsy said...

Everyone is going to Bright. I wanna go too..... Decided not to ride this year...thanks to one broken collarbone from Tawonga in April...still have the heebies on the downhills.....it is such a great weekend of racing and there are three womens grades which is awesome!