Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Month or more of Bike Jam

The next four or so weeks are jammed full of bikelicious goodies for the follower and player alike:

* World Cup (see you there Friday and Saturday nights)
* Bicycle Film Festival
* Racing every weekend from Nov 28 til Xmas (well, almost!!)
* THE WOMEN'S OMNIUM!!! of course (in between World Cup and the BFF)

and something else I can't remember but it will come to me.......


Buttsy said...

Busy time......I am still off the bike, I have been suffereing from heavy dead legs for about 4 days, it is gradually getting better, but I sometimes suffer with leg pain etc when the weather suddenly warms up, so I have started more vitamins....magnesium etc to try and make sure it is not some weirdo electolytey thing....I should come to the omnium and maybe even race part of it.....maybe...will check my diary!

Lawrence said...

I have stiff, sore legs from returning to gym on Monday after a 4 week break. Sitting at a desk all day means each time I get up, I stiffly shuffle in pain (like an old woman!!) for about 20metres until my legs get over themselves. LOL

Enter the Omnium!!! Do it!! It's a low key fun day with a bit seriousness doing the boards business. :-D

NancyBoy said...

sleep - that's the thing you forgot... :)