Monday, 30 November 2009

It Never Rains in Maryborough

Cleaning the track before racing, Saturday morning

I lost count of how many times I heard that over the weekend!! It may not rain in Maryborough, but obviously when it does, it overfills its quota! The bitterest joke was on Saturday afternoon when a fellow competitor had gone back to their digs for a few hours, returning to bucketing rain at the velodrome, saying it’s not raining in town! (1 kilometre away).

So, the joke of the Country Track Champs was the weather, or was it us for driving many hours in the hope of having a race or two? The sprint rounds and finals were cancelled, the IP finals were cancelled. Placings in those two events were based on times in the qualifying rounds. So my sprint debut is yet to happen, and my handtimed flying 200 was a bit of stunner. I’m not convinced.

When I arrived, the front and back straights were covered in mud from the previous night’s flooding, and the infield a swamp. The organisers worked hard and fast to clean the track, with blowers and brooms on it to dry it off. That was the procedure for the rest of the weekend: one eye on the radar, running events in between rain bursts, and blowing the track dry if the sun and wind (yes, there was plenty of wind) weren’t doing it.

The highlights, apart from toughing out the conditions, were good company, hanging out with buddies whom I usually only email/sms/facebook, watching some excellent racing, the good humour of all involved, despite the miserable conditions, and once again returning medals after each presentation. When will we (CSV) get this right????

I rode ok, nothing to rave about, and my scratch was a reversion to the good old days of wrecking myself out the back, with my brain on overdrive worrying about nonsense. I have to learn to not only ignore, but completely reject crap things people say to me, or I might as well go home and take up knitting as a more productive activity.

Next stop, Scotty’s Track Carnival in 2 weeks time. I got some work to do.

PS All photos by Peta and Brendan Stewart.

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