Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm getting excited and can barely wait!!

This weekend is a BIIIIIIIIIG weekend of track:

Tonight and tomorrow night is World Cup Track. Looking at Andy White's latest post has got me revved up. Tonight we are in the infield, being corporate types. Might wear my new JP Gaultier jeans. How I am going to make it through the rest of the working day beats me. Lucky I have my performance review to keep me focused!

This week has been hectic and tomorrow is no better: training til midday, then home and domestics, followed by a 2 hour recolour session at the hairdresser, more house work/domestics etc, then back into Hi Sense for World Cup, this time on the fence (with a better view than the infield where you are seen to be seen, rather than seeing what's to be seen).

Sunday is Omnium day!!! The Victorian Women's State Omnium Champs specifically. Four of us have been planning and working towards this day for a long time, with the last few weeks a flurry of emails, phone calls, more emails, more phone calls. We will still be wrapping up final preps on Sunday morning, just before show time. 50 women entered, 20 helpers and officials. Prizes, sponsors, trophies, a welcome "gift" for the competitors. Oh! and I owe Doug a drink afterwards ;-)

And Mr Flowerpants asks this morning: wanna go see Jeff Martin Sunday night. Would love to, but we'll finish at 7, the gig is in Belgrave at 8. I gotta go home and iron my work clothes for the week!!!

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