Friday, 13 November 2009

I can't feel my legs anymore!

Ooo think I might try for a slighter smaller gear next week: Marty legs aren't fun to race on. Brain says "Go!" , Legs say "Gimme a minute, I need to activate the start up sequence first."

This was my post racing Facebook status from last night, and sums up nicely how it felt on the boards last night. It wasn’t a huge gear by any means, but my legs felt like I was wading through sludge, with a long dwell time between brain activity and leg activity. I had no jump or real top end speed, which is normal after the week of training I had. But, despite that, I rode well, in terms of positioning, looking after myself. I even tried a little move, which may have paid off if I’d taken it a bit further. So overall, I am happy with my racing last night. Things are coming together. Most importantly, as well as being my weekly test of how my training is going, the best bit of feedback was that I really enjoyed it: the easiest way to get a bloody hard workout!

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