Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Another happy little omnium organiser

The Women's Omnium is done and dusted. Well not really dusted, as it rained, and when it rains, the roof leaks at the velodrome. Ironic really.

So when I arrived at 9.30am to start sorting things out, our first potential showstopper (in fact, our ONLY potential showstopper) had arrived and was doing its thing. More leaks than ever before, in new spots on the boards. After the change of date debacle, I really didn't need this crap. So we waited. And waited. Kept checking the BOM radar, kept conferring with the Chief Comm and special Highly Knowledgeable guest. The decison was made to postpone the start, checking the boards (ie the leaks) every 30minutes to see how they were faring. At 11.30am we decided that racing would go ahead, but we'd start with the pursuit, to give the boards time to dry out more, with the diminishing rain and slowing leaks, and aided by men with mops. Some weren't convinced of the safety of this decision, and withdrew. Their call. It created some tensions that unfortunately marred the start of the day, but were eventually forgotten as racing progressed, the leaks finally stopped with the rain, and the fight for points became earnest.

We started with 7 more entries than last year, and the competition was as fierce, with a number of interstate competitors pushing the local girls along. The show ran very smoothly, and despite being a very long day, we had many smiling, but tired, faces come presentation time.

The Sukkie guys were fantastic entertaining the crowds, and sponsoring the points races, as well as providing swag for all placegetters. Our other sponsors Avanti, Crumpler, Evelyn Faye and A'qto provided some fantastic prizes, and Doug Armstrong's trophies were just stunning.

I must thank the guys on the organising team who helped me get the show running: Caro Page, Nathan Fraser and Emma Gaul. You guys rock. Big thanks to Omar Ramirez for his camera and artistic skills with our new logo. Thanks also to Doug Armstrong for officiating, and for ensuring we had enough officials on the day; Brunswick Club for being the host club, and providing helpers, judges, time keepers etc; Matilda Vaughan for keeping scores and times of her own volition - that was a real bonus!; Brett Truscott in the office for putting up with my nagging reminders; and finally Rhys No Sleep Zombie Walczak for being our Man from the Office for the day. Many people had come off the back of working World Cup, so it was a big call for them to work our event.

Finally, I have made a facebook page Womensomiun Championship to keep us on the radar. Please show your support be friending us and spreading the word!
All photos by Omar Ramirez.

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