Monday, 5 October 2009

A fortnight to go

before my bike is in the start gate and I am lining up to PB in the 500mTT, all things going well.

Training on the weekend was of the" I know I should but I just wanna ride my bike and enjoy the sunshine variety". So I did.

At this stage of the game, fitness gains will be so minute as to be seemingly non-existent if I want to be sitting in the start gate with fresh legs. The plan is to keep the legs fast, and squeeze a few more rpm out of them, stay healthy, freshen up mentally and physically and enjoy the whole shebang.

The aim this year is to PB, nothing less, nothing more, just PB. If that gets me kicking the podium, fantastic, if not, so be it. It's a hot field of 11 women, with some real powerhouses in the mix. For me, it's another meet on the calendar, the season opener, setting some baselines for the coming season. Nationals is in about 6 months, and in Melbourne. A real opportunity to do some Good Stuff.

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