Friday, 16 October 2009

Are we there yet???

Woot! It's Friday!! My last day of work before two weeks holiday! It's been 10 mths since I had such a long break from work, so I am really hanging out for it.

This morning I rode my second last "training" session before I suit up around 1 pm on Monday. There is nothing more I can do, apart from making sure my muscles are well fed, awake and fully functional by the time I am sitting in the gate, ready to go.

In about 21 hours, Coach and I head off to Sydney, with a carload of gear, and an ipod full of music again (after synching a playlist and having itunes DELETE those songs not on the playlist, on albums referenced by the playlist songs. Thanks itunes grrrrr).

I'm not stressing my sleep has been crap the last few nights, culminating in the cat sitting her butt on my cheek in the wee hours of this morning, because I wasn't complying with her own personal sleep arrangements. She is a stately senior, and is usually treated with the respect her age deserves. Except for last night. The cat's arse was the final straw. Needless to say, neither of us was very impressed with the other, but I won. I am bigger. My face is not a couch.

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